Tuesday Ten (On a wednesday? Just go with it.)

Yeah I am so late on this. I do have stuff to share! I just felt out-of-order blogging at all til I finally got Jory’s monthday post up!

1) I am obsessed with vintagey quilts. See the one I bought before here and I’ve got my eye on a couple oldiesbutgoodies that are going for CHEAP on eBay. I really want one for our playroom! Oh and I need to do a post about the super slow playroom redo. Which is really just bringing all our brightly colored things into one room and snagging some bright pretties from Goodwill, but it’s fun anyway.

2) We made funfetti cupcakes tonight. Just because. If you don’t like funfetti I judge you just a little bit. I mean HOW can you not love it. So good!

4) Baby Led Weaning is seriously the best thing ever. LOOK at this kid eat.
(Pardon Jax LOUDLY playing with Penny in the background lol.)

3) People keep asking me if seeing Jory eat like that is “helping Jax” eat more. The answer is plainly NO. I think it’s further evidence that it’s not just a behavioral thing, he really has something going on and very deep-seated negative associations with food. So while he has said “Jax try it” and put a piece of bagel and greek yogurt in his mouth, he promptly gags and spits it out because it’s not what he’s used to and he’s just not okay with it.

4) We got what I am pretty sure was our last little taste of winter here. It was freezing cold and rainy so we busted out the winter clothes for what I assume will be the last time. The warmer weather does feel nice but it’ll be triple digits way too soon, I know!

5) iPhone users, SnapSeed is the best app ever for photo editing, it saves so many of my dark & orangey pictures (since I refuse to use the flash even on my phone, for the most part). See?

6) Jory is sick with some kind of bug. I would say it’s teething since there’s no congestion or other symptoms than a fever and trouble sleeping, but her pedi said nothing over 100* is teething and her temp is consistently above 100 WITH Motrin or Tylenol and even higher without. Poor bug, I hope she feels better soon because this is no fun.

7) It’s so funny to me how Jax is such a typical “boy”. Sure, I like to dress my kids in pink and blue, respectively, but he innately knew how to make truck sounds and is just naturally infatuated with trains. So many things he does (like getting covered in mud on Sunday at church, yeah that was fun) are just BOY. Like throwing Jory’s doll to the side and turning her doll chairs into a tunnel for his semi truck when we were playing in her room today:

8) You might make fun of me for this but I totally bought this old Little Tikes dollhouse off of Craigslist for Jory (we actually got it really cheap, collectors sell this for over $125 on eBay!). I love it so much, I had to pay homage to the 80s and my childhood. Jax is currently using it as a house for Mater and McQueen, lol. I need to go garage sale-ing and find some dolls and furniture for it!

9) I have the worst insomnia lately. I won’t even tell you what time I’m writing this post (and setting it to publish at a respectable hour, lol). I don’t want to take Tylenol PM every single night, and I really don’t love hot tea, any other remedies for a nursing insomniac. The lack of sleep is seriously affecting every area of my life and it sucks.

10) I love this article about carseat safety. So many of these are “little things” but not doing them correctly could be deadly. Be sure to strap in your babies/toddlers/preschoolers! (Yes, I’m a carseat nazi. But why not be? It is something you can EASILY do to keep your kids safe. Isn’t that your job? And could you live with yourself if something happened to them because you didn’t restrain them properly in the car? I sure couldn’t.)


  1. 1

    I am a car seat nazi too! I loved the video and shared it. Thanks :)

  2. 2

    Funfetti is so good!!! And thanks for the tip on the photo app!

  3. 3

    Love this post! I need to start doing these again. Jory is getting so big! I can’t believe she is 7 months already! Love baby lead weaning!! :)

  4. 4
    laura mitchell says:

    WOw, Jory really looks like she is enjoying herself! She is a great eater! What is it that you are feeding her and what book are you using is baby lead weaning just a method? Lilah is 8 months and doesn’t feed herself like this! I want it to happen but I don’t know what kinds of things to feed her that she can just pick up and put in her mouth like that.

  5. 5

    Hey! Yeah she’s an awesome eater! (I guess we earned that one after Jax putting us through the ringer with feedings lol) The sites I researched most for BLW are:

    I just make sure everything I give her is either chopped into super fine pieces (and placed in a pile so it’s easiest for her to grab) or else cooked very very well through so she can mash it with her gums.

    As you’ll read on those sites, BLW is actually better for teaching kids to eat without choking, because unlike purees, which they learn to suck straight to the back of their mouth, they learn to chew and process the food.

    Plus it’s easier and more fun than dealing with yucky purees! :)

  6. 6

    Oh and she’s eating pasta & chicken in the video, and in the picture she’s eating a turkey dog & butternut squash. She also loves green bean casserole, spaghetti, pizza, yogurt (which I spoon feed her), oatmeal (which I make thick enough that she feeds herself), cheese, sweet potatoes, pears, mangoes, blueberries, apples, and carrots!

  7. 7
    alanadeleonlott says:

    this is a great idea! love this post.
    that video is adorable! she is really loving the food!!
    i am a snapseed addict, too! also, try camera awesome. it is amazing and has lots of filters.

  8. 8
    laura mitchell says:

    Thanks girl! Upon your suggestion I have started to give it a try, my girls will really good eaters but I am one of those moms who is afraid of choking so much that I probably don’t feed them things that they could very well eat but my take a few gagging moments to learn. I have heard that it’s good to give them food like that so they learn to chew and process the food. Those ideas were great and I have tried a few of them and it has worked, she was able to pick up the food and basically shovel it in her mouth! She eats almost anything I put in front of her so that wasn’t a problem, I just hadn’t been brave enough to try it! Thanks so much for the advice and the websites!!!

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