“Dats A Good One!”

Thanks SO much to those of you who offered encouragement and advice in the last post I wrote. It means a lot and there were some awesome ideas in there. It’s also great to be reminded that spending time together and fostering a healthy marriage IS vital to the happiness and well being of our entire family.

That’s what Jax says when something is really good. (It kind of sounds like “Das a goo waan!” :)) This weekend was a good one.

This weekend didn’t exactly include dates, but we spent time together chatting and watching movies after the kids went to bed which was nice, and we got out several times as a family, which is just plain fun. I think we avoid doing much outside the house because we feel like it is SUCH a hassle to get out the door (as I’ve mentioned, I’m guilty of this during the week too when I’m by myself with them) but we all really enjoy it once we finally get out.

Friday included eating pizza on the back porch (where Jory did the sprinkler I guess? haha) and a million snuggles. Oh and we had to try on Jory’s swimsuit to get a wee taste of the cuteness that this summer holds.

(nothin like a Saturday morning Maroon 5 dance party. ;) Both babies LOVED IT.)

Yesterday, once both kids were down for their nap, Trav kicked me out to get a pedicure. I’ve had one since Jory was born, so it’s definitely a special & rare treat for me! It was only an hour, but a pretty blissful one. ;) Then I went to Goodwill ALONE for about an hour and got myself a bunch of new (H&M, Banana Repub & Ann Taylor!) shirts & a skirt, yay for summer clothes!



And then I died.

Jax is always blowing zerberts on Jory’s belly so I guess she wanted to reciprocate?

Today we went to church, took naps (even me, woo!) and I got some work done. The kids looked especially adorable today, Jory was wearing a dress that my grandma made for my mom to wear when she was a baby. So special!!

I really want to give up on ever getting a picture of them both looking at the camera and smiling.


And tonight we went to Jason’s Deli.

I loooove me some Jason’s Deli, but we haven’t gone as a family of 4 since I didn’t think there was stuff for the kids to eat. Well I was wrong because Jax was mighty thrilled with his PBJ on wheat (just like at home!), organic chocolate milk & potato chips, and Jory had sooo much stuff from the salad bar, including but not limited to: bell peppers, cucumbers, olives, tuna salad, pasta salad, cheese, pickles, cornbread, muffins, and peas. She loved it all!

We made quite the mess below our table, but their staff thought she was cute and didn’t mind sweeping out from under her chair when she was done. ;)

I honestly think that was the most enjoyable mealtime we have had all together, because everyone was happy, and everyone ate. No tantrums or gagging or crying.

And we ended the night with a Target grocery run. Perfect.

LOL. Her look says it all.


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    Kaloni_e says:

    Love me some maroon 5! I just bought their newest album off of iTunes and it has been on repeat since I got it :) looked like a great weekend!

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