Worth It.

So I saw a couple conversations on Facebook talking about how “ridiculous” big parties for kids are, and how it’s such a waste.

On one hand, I can see that. My kids will never have thousand dollar parties, that really is a waste to me. And sure, they’re not going to remember the first few birthday parties they have, which are often the biggest ones thrown.

Several people commented about Jax’s party that I went “all out”.

You know what? Yeah, I did. I worked my butt off. Did I spend a ton of money? Nope. I made most of the stuff there myself or my dad brought it from his last trip.

But that’s just how I do birthdays (Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C).

I know much of it is that I am so hung up on making sure that every single birthday he has is better than his actual birth day (when really, barring some kind of traumatic injury or illness, it automatically would be), that I will strive to make every single February 8th an awesome one for Jax, as long as he’s under my roof. And hey, maybe even when he’s not anymore.

I do love me some party planning, and even though it takes some work, I am fairly positive Jory’s party will be “all out” as well. Because August 7th was the most healing day of my life thus far and brought me a beautiful, perfect, healthy baby girl. And that? Deserves a celebration.

I can remember all of my birthday parties growing up (well except like the first 2, but there are pictures). They were all “themed” with decorations and special touches and a fun cake and friends. I felt so special, and looking back I’m thankful that my mom put forth that effort, even though I may not have recognized her efforts at the time.

What’s wrong with a small party or gathering of friends and/or family? NOTHING! If that’s your cup o’ tea and what works best for your family, fantastic. I just don’t understand the bashing people who choose to celebrate differently than you do.

Anyway, I don’t know why I feel the need to justify the celebrations I have had for my kids’ birthdays, but I do.


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    Right now I’m planning Weston’s first birthday and I was torn between keeping it just family and inviting all of the people who were there for him during his first year of life. It’s his first birthday and I’ve decided to make it a big deal. We’re going to invite all of those people who supported my pregnancy and were there for him throughout his first year! Who cares what other people do? Who cares if he’s not going to remember it? I’ll have lots of pictures to show him when he’s older! You’re only 1 once!

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    I totally agree! I went way overboard for Cooper’s first birthday party and I will every year! I never had parties when I was a kid so it is important to me that Cooper has the best party around! I am right there with you Momma! don’t sweat the comments they are just jealous of the awesomeness! :)

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    I have also been told I do too much for my daughters birthday. What people do not understand is how hard we had to fight to even have her and I want the day she was born to be celebrated in the biggest way possible because on that day I was given such a great gift I feel like I need to share it with the world. Trust me I would go over the top if money could allow it but you are right you can do so much with so little. This year I hand made 90% of the decorations and all of the food even the fancy cupcakes and spent less than $150 on her whole party but it looks like I spend so much more. I LOVED what you did for Jax birthday party and I also think the car cake came out great! Keep it up!

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    I think maybe people just feel the need to comment negatively because your hard work makes them feel inadequate. Sad but probably true, I’m sure Jax had a great time and will love remembering his celebrations with you. And I for one loved looking at the pictures, so I say thank you for the inspiration and bring on next year:)

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    Couldn’t of said it better myself. I absolutely adore themes & details and love planning my daughters parties. We had a puppy pawty for Brookie when she turned 3 last year & she was absolutely beaming the entire time because of all the cute little details. I’m not spending more money, I’m putting in more time and the look on their faces makes it 100% worth it!

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    Becca, very well said. It is no ones business what kind of party you have for your children. We have really big parties and part of it is because we want to, but the other part is that Damian has such a big family. I really love celebrating Faith’s birthday. It is the best day of my life. Not everyone realizes how special it is to us. Having three m/c before Faith and then having her almost die when she was six weeks old. She is so special to us, and we want her to know how much she means to us and to everyone else. Party on sister! Noah’s birthday will also be really big too, because he shares a birthday with his grandpa. :)

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    totally agree! It’s a day of celebration. That to me requires a little going “all out”. I mean it’s a birthday for goodness sake lol. You want to make it as fun and as memorable for the child as possible :) I think you did a wonderful job!! You shouldn’t have to justify any thing that you do for your children. Bc simply put they are YOUR children :)

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    I totally agree with you on everything you just said. People tell me the same thing all the time after having Jaslyn’s party. My whole family loves celebrating and having large parties so it’s not so much them but more like friends and family friends. Sometimes I just feel like saying, it’s our money, our kid our party so don’t worry about it!! LOL

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    Lauralynnmitchell says:

    I think you are a great mom for all you do for their birthdays! You shouldn’t ever second guess yourself on that. Anyone who comments about it being overboard is just jealous they don’t do the same. I promise that Jax and Jory won’t look back saying “gee, I wish my mom wouldn’t have cared so much and gone to all that trouble to throw us amazing bday parties.”

    I always look to what you do for ideas, you do wonderful parties for not a lot of money and it always looks like they are a blast.

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