Jax’s Third Birthday Party!

His actual birthday is on Wednesday, but we had his party a bit early because today is the day that worked best for my dad, who is a pilot, and obviously had to be here for it. ;)
I had so much fun making things for the party! I made tissue poms & hung gliders between them ($7 for a pack of like 72 of them on Amazon…can’t beat that!), in front of a sign I made for JAX Airlines.

We dined on “in-flight meals” served in take out containers which consisted of a small ham/turkey & cheese sandwich, chips, animal crackers & a fruit cup. I served Izze sodas with paper straws  (because they’re so stinkin cute, even though they’re not “airplane” themed, haha) and juice boxes. And cupcakes! With Jax’s face on the toppers!

My dad was able to get us some awesome Continental/United (they’re in the middle of a merger) stuff! The flight attendants heard his grandson was having a party and sent him with wings for all the kids, snacks, napkins & silverware, and some of the safety manuals, which we used as placemats! I put them (& our airplane cutout confetti) under plastic tablecloths to hold it all down. It worked perfectly.

We had cutout airplanes and coloring sheets for the kids, although they much preferred the jumpy house in the backyard (which I failed to get pics of, but it’s the same one we used last year!). Overall I think the kids had a fun time!

He was so excited about his “peasants”!

We did a pull-string pinata again this year, best invention ever.

You can tell we haven’t been to too many bday parties. He didn’t even know to get the candy…was just freaking out yelling “DA CANDYYYY!!!” lol.

Oh yeah and I ordered matching shirts (& baby legs for Jory! with bows!) from Etsy. LOVE how they came out!

Jory was completely deliriously tired at this point, haha.

The favor bags had a Passport sticker book, granola bar & “sky bites”, 3 gliders, & some wings. I gave the babies a rattle/chew toy, some puffs and some wings. We had 4 babies here today!


Once everyone left, Marlee & Troy finally got Jax convinced to change into his pilot outfit like his Papaw and pose for some pics. It was pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen.


All in all I think it was a fun day! Thanks so much to our awesome friends who came out to celebrate our little guy!


  1. 1
    Alana Deleon Lott says:

    So adorable!!! I love the suitcases and the color scheme is great. Such perfect touches. Great job!
    Happy birthday, Jax!

  2. 2

    HOLY COW. You are so good at throwing a party!! Everything looks amazing

  3. 3
    Laura Greene says:

    Great job! Everything turned out so fabulous. Now it’s time for you to kick up your feet and relax!

  4. 4
    Suzanne from IG says:

    Everything turned out amazing! I love the pictures of your Dad with Jax. How awesome for him to have those as memories with Jax and be able to share those with his co-workers and friends! I loved all the little ideas you had! Such a great party!

  5. 5

    SUPER cute idea! And the colors are fantastic.

    I bought paper straws for Evan’s dinosaur themed birthday because who can resist??? So adorable!

  6. 6

    Cutest party ever!! You will treasure those photos of Jax and your dad, that is so special…

  7. 7
    Jackie Coltrain says:

    What a cute idea! So much more original than ours :( Aahhh. Looks like y’all had a good time, despite the sickness. Hope everyone was feeling better. :)

  8. 8

    We had such a great time. Thank you for inviting us! :)

  9. 9

    You did an amazing job! Happy Birthday Jax!

  10. 10
    Lauralynnmitchell says:

    Wow, the party turned out super cute. Jax is lucky to have such a crafty momma who does a great job throwing a bash!

  11. 11
    Lyndsay Brumfield says:

    Adorable and so creative!!!!

  12. 12
    Breedlove E says:

    OMG! I love all the touches! I think my favorite is either the clouds or the clear tablecloth over the decorations! SO SMART! love it all!

  13. 13

    These of your dad and J are BEYOND adorable!!! Future pilot? Yep, I’d say.

    I’ve never seen your dad in uniform before. He looks so professional!

    Jory’s baby legs are so, so, so cute.

    Love the candy gatherers and there’s little C right in there like the big kids!!!

  14. 14

    Oh my gosh. AMAZING! The party theme is adorable and you did such an amazing job! The pictures of your Dad and Jax are priceless.

  15. 15
    Kelly Mohan says:

    Wow, You really worked hard to have all this happen. What a testimony of LOVE. So precious! I loved all the pictures. They really told the story. Amazing

  16. 16
    Lydia Myers says:

    I think he is one lucky kid :) and lol, love the “three years of excellence” -so cute!

  17. 17

    so fun! looks like a great party for sure. and those airplane shirts from etsy? so adorable!

  18. 18

    Everything looks so great! And those last few photos with Jax and your dad are just priceless.

  19. 19
    Cali DeCaro says:

    you are so effing impressive and creative!! beautiful!

  20. 20

    His party looks amazing!! You did a great job. Jax looks like he had a blast :)

  21. 21

    Everything looks fantastic! Great details.

  22. 22
    jamie@wornOnmyblog says:

    This is all so stinking cute– and I would totally hire you to come here and throw Jackson’s 3rd Bday;) HA!
    Happy Birthday, Big Boy Jax! I can’t believe you are already 3— eeps!!

  23. 23

    OMG that’s awesome!!! LOOOOOVE everything!! He’s invite is so unique and adorable. I always forget you make invites. I’ll have to contact you in a few months for Jaslyn’s birthday party. She’s having an Olivia (the pig) theme party. Can you do those?

  24. 24

    *his not he’s LOL

  25. 25

    I totally can!!! Email me at JumpingJaxDesigns@gmail.com whenever you’re ready and I’ll put something together for you. Yay, I’m excited to work with you!

  26. 26

    Do you can tell me what the font was used to write the name jax? i loved it! tks.

  27. 27

    Can you tell me what was the font used to write the name Jax? I loved it!

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