So…I went to Chicago!

My aunt & uncle (the ones whose wedding we attended in Hawaii when Jax was a baby) are expecting a baby boy VERY soon! So my mom, sister, me & Jory all headed up to help her celebrate & throw her a baby shower.

And quite the shower it was, we pulled out all the stops since this little guy is much anticipated & he deserves a special celebration.

Jax & Travis stayed at my parents’ house with my dad, since it’s the same distance for him to get to work from there as it is from our house. I missed them both a ton, I’ve never been away from Jax for that many days at a time!

My camera battery died on the way to the airport, before our trip even started, and of course I didn’t think to bring my extra or my charger, so all of these pics are from my sister’s camera or my phone.

It was Jory’s first plane ride! (Ironically, Jax’s first plane ride was at about exactly the same age, and was going to Dorene’s wedding! :))

(We flew standby & my sister didn’t get on the flight, so she took a picture of the plane Mom, Jory and I got out on.)

Jory was AMAZING on the plane. She slept on the way up, played, ate, and slept on the way down. She did that on the returning flight too, so thankful she didn’t scream the whole time like I half expected her to! ;)

We hadn’t seen my Aunt Dorene in over a year, so we were very excited to get there and help her get ready for her new addition!

The day after we got there we had to hit up Noodles & Company since I was needing their Wisconsin Mac N Cheese. It was a staple for me when I was up at school (hello, freshman 15 20.) and I miss it so much!

As you may know, I went to school up in the Chicago area. It’s where I met Travis, and I lived there for 4 years, so I have several of great friends in the area that I never really get to see.

One of the days I was there, I drove to our old “stomping grounds” and met a friend for coffee. So crazy to drive through with my baby, I wish Trav had been with me.

And if I’m being completely honest, being back up there made me miss it SO much. The weather (we didn’t even see snow!), the people, the places, so very many memories.

We met my friend Jeannie for coffee, last time I saw her, she met Jax, when we were up in Illinois for her wedding, and Jax was about 6 months old.

That night my sister, Jory & I headed downtown because my friend Gabi lives in the city. I hadn’t seen her since GRADUATION so I basically needed to get a Gabi fix. And what better place to do it than downtown Chicago?? She’s a total city girl now and took us to a great little hole-in-the-wall Italian place for dinner.

I wore Jory in the Beco and she crashed out. I put it on before I put my coat on and just wrapped my coat around her so she was toasty warm and didn’t even notice how freezing it was outside.

Gabi showed us this adorable little bakery where we got the most amazing brownie I’ve had in my life.

 Eating at the Italian place! It was really really good, but Julie ordered a salad and apparently they replaced “lettuce” with “olives, because that’s basically all she got. And she doesn’t even like olives, lol.

Creepy face, yes, but I always love coming down to the Bean!

Looking out at this view always takes my breath away, especially at night. So amazing!

The next day, we 3 headed to Watseka to see Trav’s family! We couldn’t very well go to Illinois and NOT see them, so we took our rental car down to their town about 2.5 hours south of my aunt’s place. We had so much fun seeing them & I got to see my friend Myranda & her two adorable littles as well (she lives semi-close to Watseka) so it was a very fun day.

I don’t have any pictures to show for it though because Julie’s camera was dying and we wanted it for pictures of the shower the next day, but my MIL took a lot, I need to get them!

Don’t ask me (or Julie) about the trip back up from Watseka, though. That turned into a 6 hour ordeal that contained the following:
Jory SCREAMING almost the whole way. (girlfriend hates the car, maybe more than ever)
Practically witnessing a fatal accident and seeing a man dragged from a flipped van.
Getting lost downtown (where we weren’t even supposed to be…thanks iPhone navigation.)
Sisters yelling at each other.
Driving an hour with the radio full blast on static in an attempt to mimic Jory’s sound machine (it didn’t work, BTW.).
And a near nervous breakdown on the parts of all 3 of us.

Needless to say, when we finally did find our way back to my aunt’s house, we were so thankfully to be alive and out of that car.

But, aside from that debacle, Jory was a seriously happy traveler. She still had some stranger danger but overall she looked like this:

Sunday was the shower! This is my mom, my aunt, and their mom, all ready to head to the shower.


It was at this beautiful country club:


Dorene & Jory at the shower. She got Jory this cute little outfit, and look! They match!

 Jory sizing up her Uncle Ross. She’s not so sure, lol.

We pretty much went from the shower to the airport. So sad that it was such a short trip, and I didn’t get to see everyone that I wanted to, but we will be back up later this year to do so! I was SO ready to get home and hug my boys.

Happy traveler on the plane coming home! (ps-amber teething necklaces are AMAZING. Not gonna lie, I thought it was a bunch of hocus pocus but Jory is a much happier baby & sleeps much better when she wears it. Win!)

Our plane got in around midnight. I think Julie was delirious?

We went to my parents’ house that night & I drove home with the kids next day. My living room looked like this:

Yep, that’s a potty in the middle of the living room! More on that soon!


  1. 1
    Jill- Totally Momma says:

    looks lke a great trip!!! and omg she is too cute!! Im excited to see your potty post because I really need help in that department

  2. 2

    Sounds like you had a great trip! And seriously, your sister is a super model. She’s so tall!

  3. 3
    Courtenay says:

    Where did you get your teething necklace??:-)

  4. 4

    I got this one on for about half what they usually are but they’re on and I’m always hearing rave reviews about a company called Inspired By Finn that sells them. :)

  5. 5

    So, I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now after finding it through The Bump. I know it is totally random, but we just had my son’s Baptism party at that same clubhouse in November. What a small world!

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