This morning we got dressed and as I was feeding Jory, Jax picked up my Bible and said “Time for read the Bible and Jesus!” Talk about making his mama swoon. :)


Today, we went to the chiro, then we thrifted (again) with Marlee & Jett at Salvation Army & Once Upon A Child. It’s like an addiction, apparently. But really, most of what I got was for myself. And I’m really lacking in the wardrobe department and always needing new shirts so I had to grab some when it was half off day at SA!


(Yeah, as much as I love me some Salvation Army, I felt like Jax needed a bleach bath after laying on that nasty floor.)

I got 5 shirts for me and 1 for my sister, 2 polos for Trav, a onesie, 2 sleepers & leggings for Jory, then boots, Mary Janes and a set of (brand new!) diaper bag organizers (my neat freak heart may have skipped a beat when I spotted them). All for under $30. WIN.

Then it was naptime, which apparently both children missed the memo about, as neither of them wanted to sleep at all. (Jory’s eyes are closed in this photo but I assure you the second I stood up to lay her down and do something productive, her eyes snapped open and she proceeded to stare at me for the rest of “naptime”.)

So mama caffeinated up, and thankfully so, since all of my work was left for tonight!


We went to Bible study and I thought the sunset was pretty amazing looking. Oh AND, it’s supposed to be cold and possibly, maybe rainy tomorrow. Crossing fingers!


For halloween, Jory has the most amazingly adorable & appropriate costume EVER, but I still have nothing for Jax. He’s lately taken an interest in dragons (random.) and has mentioned a “dwagon coshtume!” many times, so I’m half tempted to drag out the dragon costume he wore last year and see if it still fits him.

Is it super lame for him to wear the same outfit two years in a row??

Plus also, this. Because I still can’t stop laughing about it.


  1. 1

    So fun shopping with you – we really need to hit the garage sales though!!
    I picked up the cutest, coziest winter coat for Angela at that Once Upon a Child – Boutique brand -from Spain. She loves it!
    Also all the dress shirts Jett will need for a year.
    So much fun!

  2. 2

    I can never find such awesome clothes when I go thrifting. It’s always just cool toys lol! Your kids are way too cute! I love how Jax was reading the Bible, smart boy :)

    the last picture is hilarious!

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