The House of Sick.

On Labor Day, at my parents’ house, Trav came down with a cold that progressively got worse over the next few days. The Tuesday after Labor Day, Jax got it too. By that weekend, I was sick as well, and we were Lysol-ing, Purell-ing like crazy to try and keep Jory from getting it.

By the time I had fully recovered, we had about two days of wellness before Trav and Jax started to come down with it AGAIN.

Thankfully, I have been spared from a second go-around thus far, and Jory has yet to get sick ::KNOCK ON WOOD:: which I think may be due to the fact that she’s breastfeeding, but who knows. I’m trying to be good about disinfecting the door handles, light switches & commonly used surfaces around the house regularly. If we all get sick again soon I may just torch the place so lets hope not, ugh!

I feel like we’ve met our quota of snot and hacking coughs for this cold & flu season but we may look into getting flu shots anyway, we shall see.

Some pictures of our healthy little lady…

As many of you know, we cloth diaper. I have been asked many times via FB & email if we will be cloth diapering Jory, and the answer is a definite “YES!” Babies go through so many diapers that I feel like it’s wasteful for us not to. We have saved hundreds of dollars on diapers in the year that we have cloth diapered Jax, so we definitely want to with Jory.

The only issue is that the stash I have for her is mainly one-size diapers. This means that I don’t have to buy 3 separate stashes in the different sizes, but it also means that most of the diapers wouldn’t fit her until she was at least 10 pounds and filled out a little.

Since our stash of gifted disposable diapers is dwindling, and goodness knows her legs are now plenty chunky, we decided to give cloth diapers a go on Jory. They fit! And look pretty cute, I might add. ;)

Our weather has been beautiful here (meaning in the 90s instead of 100s), so we headed outside this morning for a little fresh air. Jory didn’t seem to love being outside as much as Jax did at this age, but she did fall asleep within minutes of us going back inside so I think she was fussy because she was tired.

I just LOVE this adorable jumper I thrifted for her back when I was pregnant. I got it for 50 cents and I adore the vintagey look to it! :) (about an hour after I put it on her, we had the most epic blowout of all time. I’m glad that 1) The jumper is yellow to begin with and 2) I snapped some pictures while I could, haha.)


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    I didn’t know you had your baby! She is beautiful! I don’t know if you remember me from thebump. We had a boy and a girl too :) Anyway, congrats!

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    Ashley@AdventuresinMommywood says:

    Yellow is Jory’s color! She is so sweet! LOVE the new blog design!!

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