My Toddler is an Einstein

Ok as much as I detest the fact that he has to be watching Baby Einstein to eat, we’re discovering just how much he’s learning from it.

And this isn’t a product review or anything.

I just know that we don’t know sign language and never intended to teach our children ASL (mostly because we are lazy I guess) but Jax knows signs for words I wasn’t even aware that he knew. Like table. And rain. And library. And tree. And books. If you just say any of the words now, he says it and does the accompanying sign.

SO cool, right??

Anyway, just thought I would share. No, I certainly don’t think that watching BE will make your kid a genius, but I do think it can assist with language development, which is pretty awesome if you ask me. :)



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    this kind of stuff is one reason why i wish dominic was actually even the slightest bit interested in tv. go jaxman!!

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