I’m still here!

I promise I am not going back to the days of only updating every few weeks like I sometimes did when Jax was a baby, but y’all were right, I DID need a break. And I got one. I love coming home to College Station to my parents’ house. It feels like home. It smells like home. I have LOTS of help with Jax. We all get spoiled with good food and good company. Which honestly, is exactly what I need right now. I do have work to do and it’s also fairly hard to work, so I usually don’t. My work is somewhat building up, so I’ve got my night cut out for me tomorrow when I am home, but I really needed a break.

The reason we came here is actually so that we could bring Bella to a vet nearby, where our family friend works, and have the Cushings test done. She spent the day at the vet today, had the test and lots of bloodwork done, and we should know within 2 days if she has Cushings or not. If it’s a definitive positive, we’ll begin treatment for Cushings right away. If it’s positive but somewhat unclear, she will need another, more specific test run, and if it’s negative, we’ll look into other reasons that her body could be acting the way it is, like Liver Disease.

I was going to head back to our house today, but like I said, I am enjoying the break, so we decided to stay for another night. Tonight we went to my sister’s volleyball game and out for wings afterwards. Jax hasn’t gone to sleep at his bedtime in several nights now, and his nap was practically nonexistent today, so I’m hoping he gets some good rest tonight and isn’t a total monster for my drive home with him in the morning!

He enjoyed the game at first, but eventually got really restless (and hungry!) and just did NOT want to stay in one place

I told him to say “cheese” and this is what I got!



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    I see my mom and grandma in your shot of the gym, haha!

  2. 2

    I’m so glad you are getting the rest and care you need. You deserve it! I’m praying that your furbabys results come back with some good news! <3

  3. 3

    “There’s no place like home!” < — Shameless plug from the Kansas girl! hahah

  4. 4
    Tamara :) says:

    Good! Glad you finally got your break. I love the “cheese” pic of Jax. He’s a funny little dude. Hang in there! :)

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