Happy Birthday Ted & Bella!

That’s right, both my father-in-law and our daughter [disguised in fur] share the same birthday!

We were in College Station last weekend to celebrate Ted’s birthday while he was home, but it was kind of sad that neither Becca or I realized it was actually Bella’s birthday today too until we were on our way home from the grocery store (sorry Bella!). Nonetheless, I think we got her the best present she could have wanted right now. This morning I took her over to the local Petco and got her a doggie mani/pedi (a.k.a. just cutting her nails). They have been long overdue since the last time we had her in so I’m sure it felt like she was walking on the clouds of Heaven the rest of the day!

Obviously, she still needs a good grooming.

Ted turned the big 5-0 today (insert elderly joke here) and is actually spending his weekend fishing up in Alaska. Hey, after the several non-stop flights to London the past could weeks, can you blame him? Plus, I know he really enjoys getting to the outdoors up there, so three cheers to you, Ted. Happy fishing!

Happy five-oh, Papaw!

I can distinctly recall the first time I ever met Ted. While Becca and I were dating in college, it was hard for any of her family to get a chance to come up and visit. When Becca had her first surgery, in early 2005, her mom flew up to be there so I got to meet her then, but only for a few days. It wasn’t until that fall that the whole family came to visit. They had come up for the weekend of a home football game. I was pretty nervous to meet her dad and family, I mean, what guy isn’t? But I can recall having a pretty stellar game that day, rushing for 150+ yards and scoring a couple of touchdowns. Once the game was over, Becca’s family met me at the sidelines and I was introduced to them all. Ted seemed to eagerly shake my hand and congratulated me on my good game. It was a nice way to break the ice and I think I made a pretty good first impression, haha!

Over the years Ted and I have really gotten a chance to know one another and it seems we are alike in a lot of ways. In fact, both Becca and her mom have commented numerous times on things I have done or said sounded just like Ted! I’ve always enjoyed spending time with Ted and being able to listen and learn from such a great father figure. He’s a great guy to be around, and I’m thankful Jax has someone like him he can look up to.

50 years young. Go get ‘em Ted!

And now onto the birthday girl, Bella! Today she celebrated her fourth birthday. Wow has the time flown by! I can remember the very first days when we brought her home.

Although she was technically Becca’s dog, it was exciting for me to have a pet of my own. Of course I’ve had dogs and stuff before while I was growing up, but this was an animal I had to take care of and look out for. There were no parents around to feed her if she was hungry, or let her out if she needed to go to the bathroom. Much more importantly, I needed to be there to make sure she kept it down in the dorm rooms!

During the weekend when we got her, Becca had to work those days so I really got to spend some personal time with Bella and get to know her better. She was only a puppy (8 weeks old I believe) so she was a little unsure of where she was still. I remember laying there on the bed most of the day, trying to keep warm as winter was closing in on the Chicagoland area, with her curled up right next to me. To this day, she will immediately obey my every command and I think the bond formed those first couple of days is the reason why. :)


Well, like I said earlier, we went and got groceries today as a family.

Important to note: grocery shopping with a toddler will sometimes necessitate snacks. Bring them, or buy them. Snacks may also serve as a telephone, apparently.

Excuse the no pants…

Let me tell you, dads or moms who do the grocery shopping alone, you don’t know what you are missing! Once Jax was born, I had done the majority of the grocery shopping by myself while Becca would stay home and watch Jax. I was never really enthused about going, so I would rush through the aisles, usually miss several things on the list, and thrown a lot of stuff in the cart that we didn’t really need. The past couple of trips have been made by Becca, who did a much better job of prioritizing our needs and finding the better deals on many items. But she would be dealing with Jax by herself, which can be a chore in its own way. So today, we both went and man, what a difference having both of us there can make! I let her do most of the actual shopping since her trips turned out to be cheaper than mine, and I pushed the cart and kept Jax entertained, occasionally giving my input on things we needed or something we forgot. All in all, it was a successful trip and fun to be able to all spend some time out of the house, even if it was at the grocery store. So I encourage all couples to make the trip together. It will save you time and money!

Tonight I mowed and Jax played on his new hand-me-down trike. He has no idea what to do with it yet, but he liked sitting on it and watching me mow!

clapping for Daddy

feet are healing, but lookin itchy!

blowing birthday kisses to Papaw



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    tamara :) says:

    Thanks for the post Travis! Happy bday to Becca’s daddy & to Bella, your little fur-daughter. :) LOVE the pics of Jax, as always-that trike is really awesome! We just recently started shopping as a family & did the exact opposite as you guys (Rob did the actual shopping while I entertained Hunter, as Rob’s shopping always is cheaper than mine! Funny how that works out)…but you’re right, it IS actually a good family outing. Anyway, loved the updates, as always. :)

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