College Football Season is fast approaching…

And while his parents are more into Aggie football, Jax seems to have a thing for the University of Illinois, apparently. ;)

“Mom, football is sewious.”
(& surprising & silly, I guess)
I love how sweet he is with Bella these days. (& I’m sure she appreciates it too!) It makes me all melty inside, to see my baby and my furbaby getting along. I’d imagine it’s even a million times better to see your two “real” little ones playing together!

I did get some ADORABLE pictures of Jax discovering, chasing, and running from his shadow tonight and sadly in the photo uploading process they were deleted. :( I am so sad, it was just adorable!!!

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  1. 1

    We’re ready for college football too! Of course, I need to go find some TCU shirts for the boys before too long!

    Jax is getting so big! Loving those little curls, too!

  2. 2

    I-L-L….I-N-I!!!!! While I know that this child looks great in Maroon and White, he DOES look incredibly handsome in blue and orange!!!!

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