Sensory Defensiveness is kicking my butt.

These texture issues are seriously driving me insane, and I know mealtimes aren’t at all enjoyable for Jax either.

I’m looking forward to the day that eating doesn’t cause screaming, gagging and/or vomiting, and general displeasure to everyone involved. I hope that day is soon.

Tonight, we just gave up and let him eat cereal. I know, nutritious, right? Ugh.

He didn’t nap at all today really, so I’m going to chalk up the extreme awfulness to that and hope tomorrow is just a run-of-the-mill day of unfun mealtimes.

Do I sound like a drama queen? YOU come try to feed him! :P

Daddy came over to get some smiles while I had him in the confines of his high chair.

As you can tell, he still needs to be watching something, like Baby Einsteins, to keep him distracted from the fact that he’s eating, or he totally freaks out and won’t eat at all. BLAH. I don’t notice really any change with the therapy, but we’ll continue it for now…
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  1. 1

    I am so sorry! What are you doing with therapy? Just curious!

  2. 2

    I feel Jax’s pain! Its no fun trying to eat something you don’t want.

    I agree with you on the normal but different names. We are trying to find something that everyone has heard and can spell, but didn’t name their child. Harder than it looks! I love Griffin though, don’t worry we won’t steal it!

  3. 3

    hey girl, I didn’t realize Jax had sensory issues. Is he only eating puree food? How does it play out in his eating habits? If you need help let me know, I’ve dealt A LOT with kids w/sensory issues.

  4. 4

    Stick with the therapy! My sister wasn’t diagnosed with sensory integration disorder until she was around 8 or 9. That was a LOT of years of frustration for my mom not knowing what was really going on. Just keep working at it and eventually he’ll get it! Hang in there!

  5. 5

    I’m so sorry… hang in there!!
    And as much as it may not be the “best” thing to give them cereal, or yogurt, at every meal… sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do to fill a belly and stop the crying!

  6. 6

    Sorry you are having to deal with this! I guess we all get something “fun” to deal with! Not fair!
    Oh and yes I totally use the baby spa (lol crack machine) EVERY nap and night time… we dont use the timer, leave it on all the time. Ive exchanged it I think 5 times for a new one…lol
    I really want to try to take it down to 45 mins with the timer but he just sleeps so much better with it!?!?

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