At Nana & Papaw’s!

We’re here in CS and my grandparents were here this morning but we didn’t get here til this afternoon so we missed them by a few hours and now they’re on their way back up to Missouri! But they left a sweet bag of goodies for Jax, including his first pair of cowboy boots! So of course, there are pictures. :)

First, Mom introduced him to a tool we’ll be using in his mouth to help curb his sensory defensiveness. This was his reaction to touching it, lol.
Boots! Kinda hard to walk in for a beginner to walking!

Jax & Papaw in their matching boots

A few days ago, on March 2nd, my parents celebrated 25 years of marriage! Although I had been wanting to have a party for them and have our family come from all over, I just couldn’t pull it together, so Julie and I bought a cake and some flowers and we had a (very) little “party” here this evening. Congrats, Mom & Dad! (they refused to pose for a picture, hah!)

I hope y’all are having a relaxing weekend!


  1. 1

    love the boots and hopefully he starts to eat the real deal food soon!! Jack isnt babbling much, I guess kids just go at what pace they want to!!

    What a beautiful cake!!

  2. 2

    Those boots are adorable!

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