Productive Saturday!

We FINALLY got the curtains hung from my grandma Westerbur! She made them for us before he was born but we haven’t gotten around to getting a rod and hanging them up. We still need to go get another rod for the 2 side panels but it looks pretty like this too!

Thanks to my grandma Fisher who gave us this beautiful rod to use! :)

So, of course, pictures. Travis took the changing table attachment off the bookshelf right before the pics, otherwise, the room is complete.

A few more from our Saturday

And Jax helped with the cleaning. See?
Please take note of his adorable outfit. It was a gift from some friends of ours, and I didn’t think he’d get to wear it but it was in the mid 70s today so it was warm enough! I LOVE it!

This is how Jax claps…he holds his hands together and waves them up and down! (Trav is purposely cut out. We were bums most of the day and not in a picture mood, lol)

I noticed that you can really see one of his biggest scars in this pic. The rest are slowly being covered in hair. YAY!
Here’s the “before” shot. He had a skull fracture & brian bleed from the stupid vacuum. He’s come such a long way, it amazes me!


  1. 1

    His room is beautiful. Great job!

  2. 2

    Wow. His room ROCKS!
    I think a slumber party is in order ;)

    Ouch! His little newborn head made me want to cry… and kick the doctor’s butt!! But you certainly would never know it to look at him now!

  3. 3

    WOW! INCREDIBLE room! :) I love it! It belongs in a magazine

  4. 4

    Such a cute room!!! As is Jax. Poor little guy w/ his hurt head. Such a trooper :)

  5. 5

    Your girls are right….his room looks like a picture out of a magazine!!
    What Happy, Happy Baby!!! :~)
    That pic of his poor little noggin makes me just cringe.
    What a difference a year makes!

  6. 6

    Such a cute room!!! As is Jax. Poor little guy w/ his hurt head. Such a trooper :)

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