Don’t worry, it’s not the swine flu/H1N1. Not yet anyway. But our household hasn’t been “well” in almost a week and I’m the only one who hasn’t been sick (other than a scratchy throat I’ve had for days). ::knocks on wood with great fervor::

Sunday afternoon, Trav started feeling congested and achey so we took it easy and spent the rest of the day being bums. That evening, Jax started getting a runny nose, and I just knew they were both getting sick! That night didn’t go well and both boys woke up with congestion, sneezes, coughs, aches, and all over yuckiness feeling.

Jax’s insane amount of fussiness made it plain as day that he just didn’t feel well at all so I took him to the pediatrician on Monday evening and Trav met us there when he got back from work. They did a flu test which came back negative (thank goodness), and his ears and lungs seemed fine, but the doctor said he has an upper respiratory infection. They didn’t give us anything to treat it – just recommended Motrin & Tylenol to keep the fever at bay and we were on our way home.

Tuesday Jax didn’t seem to be getting better but I just snuggled him as much as he would let me and tried my darnedest to get the poor guy to sleep (which was nearly impossible because he couldn’t breathe well). Tuesday night was absolutely horrible. Jax slept maybe 2-3 hours total, so that’s about all we got too. At 1am he’d spiked a fever so I called the on-call nurse and she said that although it was close to 102*, they don’t ask to bring babies in unless it is at or above 102* so to bring him in the next day.

I brought Jax in on Wednesday and the doctor said he still doesn’t have flu but he has the absolute worst double ear infection she’s ever seen on an infant! Poor baby! I am just so glad I brought him in when I did. He’s continued to have a fever – his temp was 101 at the doctor’s office and that was after the max amount of Tylenol an hour before!

Our best guess is that he gets colds and the gunk (technical, I know) doesn’t drain right so he develops an ear infection (or two). My mom said this happened to me when I was a baby every time I got a cold and it eventually resulted in needing multiple go-arounds with tubes. I hope Jax isn’t the same way!

Trav doesn’t have any more sick days, so he’s taking meds to make himself feel semi-okay and going to work. I hope he feels better soon too!

So anyway, we are just taking it easy at home and Trav and I are all but taking an IV drip of Vitamin C. It’s working on my end! ::knocks on wood again::

We’re supposed to be at our church convention this week & weekend and next, but we haven’t been able to go because you’re still contagious unless you’re fever free for 24 hours and that has yet to happen!


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    Aww, poor baby Jax!!! How awful to have such a bad ear infection. Praying that him and Travis get to feeling better soon. Hope you do not get it either!!!

  2. 2

    Thumbs-down to all of this! I hope everyone feels better soon!

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    Awwww…I HATE to hear that. There is just nothing worse! Ear infections and tooth aches! Poohy!!!!
    Hope they are on the mend soon, and you stay healthy!!!!


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