Our Trip to Hawaii (Warning: LOTS of pictures!)

Well we’ve been back for several days now, and I am just getting on to fully update, if that gives you any indication of our “vacation recovery”, haha. Actually, it wasn’t as bad as I sometimes imagined it would be. However, we will definitely NOT be taking a “vacation” with a baby so young ever again. Here’s some pictures from our trip & an explanation of what we did each day!

We had a big crew going on the trip! Traveling with us was Travis, me & Jax, my mom and dad, my brother, Travis, & his friend Jacob, my sister, Julie, and her friend Lindsay, and my grandma and grandpa Fisher!

Our trip to Maui consisted of an early morning flight from Austin to L.A., which lasted around 3 hours, a flight from L.A. to Honolulu which lasted 5 hours, and a flight from Honolulu to Maui which lasted about 30 minutes. We did it all in one day, and I think that the trip back home was far easier, since it was broken up, but more about that later.

I envisioned Jax screaming his head off, either due to reflux or exhaustion, and being unable to console him, thus, driving all the other passengers crazy to the point that they want to throw us out the window. Other than a couple crying jags, he did pretty well! The first 2 flights were pretty much smooth sailing: eat, sleep, play, repeat. In Honolulu we kept saying how amazed we were with how well he was doing! But…

Sleeping on the LONG flight…

Layover in Honolulu
Our layover there was at about 7pm home time and 2pm Hawaii time.

Like I said, “but”…7pm happens to be about his bedtime here at home. We got on our last short flight and he was clearly overtired. He started screaming while people were still boarding the plane and didn’t stop til we were moving, much like how he is in the car. He slept for that short flight but was wide awake once we made it to Maui and stayed that way until that evening when we were checked in and settled at the condo.

The condo…that was one of our biggest points of contention with the whole trip. When we pulled in and even when we walked into the condo I loved it. How could you not?? It was recently renovated and right on the water, with a view to die for right from our balcony…

That is until you got inside and immediately started pouring sweat. The first thing Dad said was “We need to get the air on before we do anything”, so we turned “the air” on. It was a small A/C unit in the living room that happened to blow air out RIGHT onto a piece of wood that made up the staircase to the loft. There was no central A/C, no vents in the bedrooms, and that tiny unit definitely didn’t have a prayer of cooling the whole place. The advertisement and condo owner both said that the condo had air conditioning. I guess he wasn’t lying, but it sure wasn’t what we expected.

Not to mention that our condo was on the top/4th floor, with vaulted ceilings that were uninsulated and seemed to absorb every bit of heat that the afternoon sun (hot, Hawaii sun) had to offer.

Anyway, it was hot. Very very hot. Jax was sweating, I was sweating, everyone was sweating. It was past midnight Texas time and we were all (including Jax) waaaay beyond tired. We finally stripped him down to a diaper and got him to sleep in our bedroom, with fans on high and the windows opened. I think we all slept pretty hard that night!

The view from our balcony…

We woke up pretty early with Jax, who was still basically on our 5-hour-later Texas time. We decided that we really needed to get out of the hot condo and check out the condo complex and the beach.

This is the pool at the complex

Jax’s first time ever at the ocean! Sticking his teeny toes down in the sand:

In the morning, we thought it was going to be a great day, he didn’t seem to be doing too bad!

Then we went to the pool. Jax was not a fan of it at all. We got him out and changed, then fed him, and he konked out!

Jax literally spent the rest of the day crying screaming. We thought something was seriously wrong…dehydration or heat exhaustion….he was inconsolable, and wouldn’t sleep for longer than 15 minutes, waking up each time covered in sweat.

We went out for a drive with my dad to see the northern part of the island, and primarily to get Jax into the cool, air conditioned car and let him get some sleep. You can only do that for so long, though…

That night my mom was nice enough to kick us out after Jax was in bed for the night! She made Trav and I go see the sunset dive at the Sheraton (where most of our family was staying). We got there just after sunset so we missed the rock dive and torch lightings, but we had a mai tai and walked and chatted with my Aunt Dorene and my grandparents about where the reception would be and where their rooms were located. I am pretty sure Jax slept the whole time, and it sure was nice to get out of the condo!

Thursday was a bit better, with less screaming, but still not much sleeping. The Luau/Dorene’s rehearsal dinner was that night, so we didn’t do too much that day.

We spent the morning at the condo, then Travis dropped me off to get a manicure and pedicure (I definitely needed/deserved it at that point!), and Lindsay and Julie off to swim at the Sheraton, while he drove around to explore and to let Jax sleep in the air conditioning.

Then we went home and quickly got ready to meet at the Shops at 505 on Front Street where the luau, or the “Feast at Lele” was.

The luau was very nice. It was comprised of several courses, each one representing a Polynesian island, and each one followed by that island’s traditional dance.

Jax did NOT do well at the luau. First of all, he was still somewhat on Texas time, which was like 1am at that point, so he was super tired. Plus, once he finally did get to sleep in his stroller by our table, it was really loud and woke him up. It was a really neat dinner, but Travis and I had to take turns spending time pushing the stroller away from the luau and the noise.

See the “A/C” that is facing the stairs?! I swear the architect/designer of this condo had a screw loose. This is Jax’s “are you seriously expecting me to adjust to Hawaii time?” face on Thursday morning.

One of the sights Trav saw while he was exploring…so beautiful!

Travis & Jax in their luau best!

Our family at the luau…couldn’t get Jax to look up!

I didn’t even mean to take this picture but it came out really cool! The luau was right on the water and we watched the sunset!

Friday was the day of my aunt’s wedding, and we knew there wasn’t enough time to do much other than that!

We got ready in a hurry and left Jax with my sister’s friend, Lindsay, for the ceremony. He slept the whole time! When we got to the wedding, we realized that my mom had forgotten tapes for the video camera and that Julie had forgotten that my mom asked her to bring them! (My mom was the matron of honor & was busy the whole day!)

Since none of my wedding is recorded on video (other than a few seconds that Stacey Stagg has from during our ceremony, taken from a phone), I didn’t want the same for Dorene. We used 2 digital cameras with the “video” setting, and got basically all of the ceremony recorded. So stressful!

In between the ceremony and reception, we went from the church, to the condo to change Jax into “picture clothes” get Jacob, Lindsay and Jax, and drive to the Sheraton for pictures. After pictures, we spent some time in my parents’ room at the Sheraton (they stayed 2 nights there) so that I could pump, and get Jax to sleep for the night. Lindsay stayed up in the room with him so we could enjoy the reception and he didn’t wake up once! The reception was really beautiful and very personal because there were only 40 guests!

We 3 Westerbur kids with my Grandma Fisher

Four Generations!

Our family of 3 with my Fisher grandparents

Us with my parents and siblings

Our family after the ceremony

Travis and I right before the reception

The rock diver at sunset, which we could see from our seats at the reception

The reception

There was a rainbow while we were eating!

Dorene & Ross McCarthy. The beautiful bride and her new hubby!


Saturday we were all going snorkeling, but broken up into two trips so that someone could be watching Jax. Dorene, her friend Lisa, Julie, Lindsay, Travis W., Jacob, Travis P. and I all went on the 10am trip, while my parents and grandparents went on the early morning one.

When we were in Cabo, we went on a “free snorkeling trip” that turned out to be a booze cruise where they lend you snorkels to use on a murky beach for a few minutes. We literally did not see one fish! So I was very excited about this and hoping to see some fish. We did! We saw lots of fish and several sea turtles! It was really great! Thanks a bunch Mom & Dad!

Julie and Lindsay on the boat

The horseshoe shaped rock where they dropped us off to snorkel…the water was so clear!

I got some REALLY great pictures of sea turtles but I think the underwater camera I was using got traded with Lindsay’s so this is the only one I have seen. I will try to post more later!

Scenery on the way home from snorkeling

Some locals on a beach in Lahaina

The palm trees are beautiful!

The Hawaiian flowers that just grow naturally there are amazing! All of these were just outside our condo!

Rainbows in Hawaii are amazing too! We sometimes even saw some that were full arches, touching the ground on both sides!

This is a “bird of paradise” (I believe) and was right outside our condo. It was amazing on our first day there, but I didn’t take a picture of it until it was starting to look a bit wilted!

Sunday was our anniversary! I can’t believe we’ve been married a while year and that we have a 4 month old! (It sounds bad, I know, but he was 7 weeks early, people! haha!)

We went to church in the morning (Yes in Hawaii!) and spent the afternoon at the pool and the beach with Jaxie.

He got so mad every time water would wash up on his feet!!!

He looks disgusted!

Washing of after Mommy’s brilliant idea to sit in the sand!

Jax just isn’t a big fan of water or being cold when he gets out of water, whether it’s the beach, pool, or bath. Several people have speculated that it could be because of his uber traumatic birth experience, and that water reminds him of that trauma…I don’t know, but I hope he becomes a fun, splashy water baby sometime soon!

I LOVE this picture of him! My baby is a lizard and always has his tongue out!

This & the next 27653 pictures are from our anniversary dinner on Sunday night. We got Jax to bed for the night, and left to go out to eat! Travis took me out to dinner at sunset to a really beautiful restaurant called The Plantation House that overlooks a golf course community (of amazing, million + dollar houses!) and the ocean! We sat in this little balcony and got to take in the amazing views while we ate. So nice!

Our waiter brought us this brownie and ice cream treat and a little card that says “Happy Anniversary” that all of the staff had signed! It was really sweet!

When we got back to the condo, we changed and took the girls down to Front Street to do some last minute shopping (it was our last night there!!!) and to get some souvenirs!

All the shops are so cool! We went at 9pm on a Sunday, so they’re open pretty late!

We got shaved ice and Julie got plain ice with no flavor…weirdo!

We left the condo around 11am (Hawaii time) to head to the airport and our plane left at 2pm. This time, we flew from Maui straight to L.A., without stopping in Honolulu. It was still a 5 hour flight, but the one less plane trip was sooo much easier. Jax was pretty good on the flight and was sound asleep for the night by the time we got to L.A., which is a good thing because even though it was only 7 Hawaii time, it was 10 California time! We stayed the night there, which definitely helped in breaking up the time difference!

Travis & Jax before our flight from Maui to L.A., in their matching Maui shirts!

Happy baby on the plane!

After a mixup about which Sheraton hotel we were staying at, we finally found our room and got some food in our tummies (we were all starving by 11:30pm!!!) and got a really good night’s sleep IN air conditioning!

We were pretty rushed the next morning because Travis and I slept a little later than we should have (we were tired!) but we made it to LAX in plenty of time to grab a bite for lunch, then get on the plane for our last leg of travel back to home sweet home, Austin! It was a 3 hour flight and Jax slept for a lot of it. When he wasn’t sleeping, he was smiling! Look how happy he was!

We had to get him changed as soon as we got off the plane because it was about 100 degrees at 6:30pm!!!

Saying “bye” to Great Grandma Fisher at the airport in Austin! Glad to be home!

All in all, it was a great trip and I am so glad we had the opportunity to go.

HUGE thanks to my parents, and my grandma and grandpa Fisher, because we sure wouldn’t have even been able to think of going without their help!!!!


  1. 1

    Looks and sounds like a beautiful trip. The wedding sounds like it was perfect and what a great way to spend your first anniversary! My thanks to your family as well for giving you all such a fantastic gift!!! Family is SUCH a blessing!!! Lots of Love!!!


  2. 2

    OMG!!! I am sooo jealous i can hardly stand it… and it was soo lucky that you guys got to go for your 1 year anniversary!! thats kinda stinky that Jax doesnt like the water… whats he going to do if you guys come to Illinois for a couple days in the summer is he going to swim or is he going to be like one of those kids that just sits inside with the air conditioner on all day??? i do not know!!! oh well i am soo happy you guys got to experience Hawii as a family… sorry your a/c didn’y work LOL!!!

    -Live Laugh Love Sam

  3. 3

    Love your post – you did a good job of condensing a trip we will all remember! Glad we could all be together as a family unit – probably won’t happen a lot more. I have posted pictures on tedteresa.smugmug.com as well….

  4. 4

    Looks like you had a wonderful time. What a beautiful place. Jax is getting so big can’t wait to meet him. Love your post – I look at it all time.
    Happy Anniversary and hope you have any more.


  5. 5

    What a lovely trip you must have had with your family. Thanks so very much for the amazing pictures…The trip must have been fantastic!!!

    Thanks, too, for all the wonderful picture. Probably will be the only way that I will get to see Hawaii.

    Thanks again and Happy 1st Anniversary.


  6. 6

    Rebeca,Travis and our little Jax’s.
    We were glad you came with us.
    The baby was such a good guy.
    That was a great trip.
    I always enjoy your paro post.
    Love Grandma & Grandpa

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