Winter Coats, Secret Santa & such

Things have been picking up the pace busy-ness wise with the holidays just around the corner. Trav, Bella and I leave a week from today to head to St. Louis (my grandparents’) and Illinois (his family & some friends from up at school).

Travis has informed me that he has figured out how to hook up his playstation to the screen in the Durango, and my brother & sister will be riding with us and playing Guitar Hero the whole way up. Yay. I don’t know why I dislike the game so much, perhaps because the only song I can make it even HALF way through is Carry On my Wayward Son…anyway, this will be an interesting trip. I think Travis is underestimating the cramped-ness of my bladder and the soreness of my back. The stops will be frequent.

Thanks to pregnancy brain, I locked my keys in my car yesterday while I ran to the mall on my break from work. Of course I did that on the one day it was literally like 28 degrees and sleeting out…and yes I am in Texas…crazy! Anyway, while at the mall, I stopped into Delia*s and managed to find 2 coats (in size XL) big enough to fit my growing belly, since no maternity stores or department stores seem to carry maternity coats and I hate shopping online. My belly doesn’t have to be cold anymore AND I got them both for $85 total…woohoo! They both have removable hoods.

This week, we have Secret Santa at work, and I am buying for Sue, our new director (ie, my boss). I was going to get her a gift anyway, so I am just trying to make these ones good! We were given a list of the person’s favorite things, and a list or outline of what to get them each day, spending $5 each day and $20 on the last day. I spent a bit more, but that’s okay!

The first day (Monday), we were supposed to buy them a candle. I got her a small version of the Yankee Candle, Christmas Cookie! And I saw it burning on her desk yesterday so I think she likes it!

Today, we were told to give them “a tasty, homemade treat”, so I made cinnamon streussel muffins and put them in a really cute box with a festive bow!

I wanted to eat them all, but I was nice & gave them to her!

Tomorrow we are giving ornaments. Because I like Willow Tree figurines so much, I got her the Angel of Learning figurine ornament (since she’s the director of a childcare center and all…), I hope she likes it!

For Thursday, we were told to get them anything we want, but to keep it under $5. None of my gifts, except the muffins, stayed under the $5, but it’s the season for giving, right? :) She likes crafts and stuff, so I got her a scrapbooking kit that comes with 2 scrapbooks, paper, stickers, frames, etc. and it was only $10! Gotta love Tuesday Morning! I don’t have a picture of it, but I think she will enjoy it.

For Friday, we were told to get them whatever we want, under $20. I got her a basket of goodies. Good Housekeeping is her favorite magazine so I got her the latest one, she loves Baked Cheetos and Diet Coke, so I got her some, she loves ice cream, so I got her a gift card to Amy’s Ice Cream, and her favorite movie is Mamma Mia, which came out on DVD today, so I am going to go get that, but here’s the basket so far. Oh and she loves to read, and I just finished (and REALLY enjoyed) Marley and Me, so I gave her a copy!

I think I did good and that she will like her gifts! My Secret Santa forgot to bring me something homemade today, so hopefully I get something yummy tomorrow!

And this is me this past weekend at 25 weeks. Less than 3 months til we meet our little man!


  1. 1

    Whohoo! 25 weeks, way to go Becca!

    Good job on the gifts too, they’re very thoughtful, I’m sure she’ll love them!

  2. 2

    What great gift ideas! That is one of my favorite Yankee Candle scents! You are so thoughtful- and I LOVE those Willow Tree ornament… which ones do you have?

    I miss talking to you, but thanks for updating your blog so I could get a sneak peak as to how you’re doing! Great coat choices, I will have to check out Delias!

    Hope you’re feeling well, and I’ll talk to you soon- Merry Christmas!

  3. 3

    You are SO thoughtful!!! GREAT gift ideas! God…i love Christmas! I will esp. love it this year…cause we get to see you all! That is the BEST Christmas gift ever! I know that the trip will be a long one…just know how much we are looking forward to it!!! We have really been missin all of you terribly! (One day really soon you will understand!) :>) Your belly looks perfect as a picture! Glad you found a couple of coats cause you will need them here, that is for sure! Cant wait to feel my grandson move! Drive safely and we will see you in just a few more days!!! (we will introduce Jax to Monical’s)Yummy!!!!

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