Ten Things

1. Remember how I said I was gonna edit pics and post them? Yeah that was a cute thought. I don’t know if/when that will happen since it’s about 800 photos to weed through and edit and at this point, I’m writing in my planner what days I shower because things are just that hectic.

2. Our little town just opened an amazing new YMCA and we joined on opening day! We LOVE it, “we” being the operative word here since Jory hated my last gym and screamed for me when in childcare so I literally could never go work out. Plus? That gym really really sucked compared to our new Y.

It’s huge with lots of windows, a huge pool. a really nice child care center with a playscape inside and, what thrills Jax the most, a fancy train table. They also offer workout classes, youth sports teams, gymnastics, and dance. Perfect.

Maybe this will be my year to {finally} shed those baby & bedrest pounds? Here’s hoping.
http://distilleryimage1.ak.instagram.com/0b8cde827e0811e3bcff129a95923cb5_8.jpgTrav is excited to work out too, we are planning to go as a family in the evenings and over the weekend. He hasn’t gotten to work out since he played college football so I guess I’m not the only one with some work to do. ;)

Only thing is that Jory is in the toddler room until she’s potty trained and she’s very anxious to play on the playscape. You would think that would motivate her to pee in the potty, right? Not a chance. She loves sitting on the toilet all day but has yet to actually do anything. She just sits there saying “It’s comin!” No, it’s definitely not, apparently.

3. I’ve mentioned several times, but Jory is my little pistol. Girl is crazy. The other day I went upstairs for literally like 5 minutes to package orders and when I came back down I heard her in the laundry room. I went in to see this:
http://distilleryimage5.ak.instagram.com/14ec9e207e2811e391da0ea7b73f6c45_8.jpg“I wash dem!” She had filled a cup with cold water from the water cooler (that thing needs a child lock) and dumped it in her potty (which she will not pee in) and was stirring it with a fork. I guess since she dragged the potty into the laundry room, that makes it legit? lol.

4. We had planned to go see George Strait when he came to Austin on January 10th, which happens to be our “dating anniversary”. I told Trav to get tickets on ebay (they sold out in 8 minutes) and he said he would, many times, and never got around to it. Until mid December when I decided to get them myself and by that time they were like $400-500 each. Yeah not happening. This tour is called “Cowboy Rides Away” so I am pretty sure it is his last tour ever. I was more than a little pissed since seeing George in concert was a Bucket List thing for me.

Fast forward to this week, Trav got us FRONT ROW tickets on the floor at the rodeo (there are only two rows of chairs down on the dirt, everyone else is up in the arena) to see Clay Walker. I’ve been obsessed with Clay Walker since I was 7 and went to my first concert (his) and got my first CD (also his). So yeah Trav is out of the doghouse forever. I’m so excited!

5. On our trip back from Illinois, we stopped on our way back to see the Pirates & Princesses show by Disney Junior Live. My kids love Jake & Sophia so they were really excited! One of my super sweet friends from college works for Disney now & hooked us up with tickets, so awesome!
http://distilleryimage0.ak.instagram.com/f2120e0a718211e3ac980e54565bd984_8.jpgThe kids loved it, Jory was in awe of the princesses and Jax is still pretending he’s a pirate several weeks later.

6. In fact, Jax requested a pirate birthday party! I’ve been itching to do a pirate party ever since I planned his first birthday party and apparently the year has come! ;) It should be pretty cute, I think. Here’s his invite! (which I forgot to add RSVP info to so I had to make a separate card for it, haha) The back has a treasure map leading to our house.
Oh and the fact that he will be five years old? Nope, not giving that fact any attention. Five feels really old to me. And he starts real school this year, too. :(

7. When I was little, my grandpa made me a fancy wooden dollhouse with working lights, carpet, wallpaper, etc. It was so awesome, by far my favorite toy. My parents moved several times since then so it was one of my only childhood toys that my parents kept. It had been put down in their barn with boxes though, and mice got inside and ruined it.  They chewed the carpet, busted out the cute little windows, and of course left their droppings everywhere. I was so upset. And then we opened gifts with my parents a couple weeks before Christmas (since we were leaving town) and my mom completely restored the house for Jory. It’s so adorable and must have taken forever!
http://distilleryimage8.ak.instagram.com/5ebbc7ba650a11e3977612fe0947bc98_8.jpgYep, I cried.

But, now I have a problem. It’s in her room and she knows it’s “hers” but it is fairly delicate and the furniture and everything inside is, too. She just bangs things around (understandably, she’s 2) but I want to keep it in her room. What do I do? Add a cover to the back and lock it or something? At this point, she can’t move it down from the dresser so she pulls everything out through the front door if it’s not down where she can reach it, so maybe I should just get a front door for it that doesn’t open and she can ask me when she wants to play with it? I’m very spazzy about it since I don’t want it to get trashed again!

8. Trav and I just marked 9 years since our “dating anniversary”. NINE? That’s a really long time to put up with another person. ;) We celebrated that by going on a date night to see Anchorman 2. Have I mentioned how awesome it is that my brother lives super close now and can come watch my babies whenever? Because it’s great. I trust him completely with them and they absolutely love him.
http://distilleryimage6.ak.instagram.com/db9ae9487a5c11e38007123388e24e56_8.jpghttp://distilleryimage6.ak.instagram.com/e386fa1e7a5e11e381f2124ecfe7b39e_8.jpgYep, getting old. I was also notified that my 10 year high school reunion will be this summer and joined the planning committee. I can’t even believe it’s been 10 years!

9. We went and saw Frozen right before we left for IL. It is seriously one of the cutest movies I’ve seen in a long time, and I usually can’t stand to watch Disney movies over and over.
http://distilleryimage1.ak.instagram.com/43e3ebf8645f11e3b8c60af4fea6d989_8.jpgThe songs get stuck in my head, especially since Jory sings (her version of) them constantly. Over the weekend, someone on IG posted a website that was streaming the movie so I let the kiddos watch it again. Felt a little bit naughty and illegal but given how enthralled my kids were once again, it’s pretty hard to care.
10. That picture reminds me, I am still planning to do a tour of my office! I need to get it all prettied up and take pics with my real camera someday soon! I’m such a flake with blog posts lately, but I promise that one is coming up!

So that’s what we are up to, in a nutshell. Working (me mainly with Happy New Year cards & now with WordPress & Trav on a new hotel job), being Frozen-obsessed, working out, going to school (Jax) and most importantly, washing socks in a tiny toilet (Jory).

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